Home Mortgage

Columbine has partnered with 1st Mortgages to provide a full range of mortgage products and qualified, experienced personnel to answer your questions. Whether you need a first mortgage, a reverse mortgage, or a home equity loan, please call us at 720-283-2346 today for more information.

  • Apply online, on the phone or at one of our branches
  • Prompt response
  • Wide variety of loan types available
  • Owner-occupied homes or non-owner-occupied homes are eligible

Second Mortgages | Home Equity Loans

A new deck for your home? College tuition? Consolidate other loans? Home equity loans from Columbine offer flexibility according to your needs. Use the loan or line of credit any way you want. To access the equity in your home, we offer one-time loans or ongoing lines of credit.

  • Variable interest rate based on prime rate
  • Line of credit up to $150,000
  • Quick, simplified, online application and processing
  • Interest may be tax deductible; consult your tax advisor

To refinance your existing mortgage or apply for a new mortgage, check with us!

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What you should know about Home Equity Lines of Credit